Public Safety

Emergency Management is charged with the coordination of 31 municipalities throughout the county and their local coordinators.

Workable Emergency Plans

 Each municipality must have a workable emergency plan on file with the State and with this office.These plans are reviewed by the County Coordinator. Emergency Management coordinates shelters and clean-up afterwards for such emergencies as:

  • Major fire
  • Tornado
  • Flood
  • Severe snow storm
  • Severe thunderstorm
  • Hazmat incident

We coordinate between fire, ambulance, police and State organizations to make sure things get back to normal as soon as possible and steps are taken to help prevent a re-occurrence of the same problem. 

Work With Other Agencies

Emergency Management works along with the local Red Cross, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Federal Emergency Agency when major emergencies occur. We work with local plants, industries, and municipal government on act 165 SARA Law Compliance "The Right to Know Act". The entire performance of this office is one of "Safety First and Foremost" for the people and communities of Venango County.