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Inmate Financial Responsibility

The Venango County Prison Board of Inspections has adopted a policy where the inmates are financially responsible for certain services provided by the prison, should they decide to use them. The purpose of this policy is to help them become financially responsible for debts they incur while in the prison and through out their life.

They will also be held financially responsible for intentional misuse or abuse of prison property, as well as for injuries inflicted upon themselves, other inmates, staff members, or civilians (while they are in the prison).

Debts Owed Upon Release

The prison will not hold an inmate beyond their authorized release for not being able to, or failing to pay any costs enacted by this policy.

If the inmate owes the Prison any fees upon their release, they will be required to make payments on the outstanding balance. The Collection Coordinator will meet with the inmate to set up a repayment plan. This plan will allow the inmate to make payments on their debt to the prison and will not be a strain on your financial situation.

Failure to make these payments may cause the prison to send the inmate's account to a private collections agency or result in re-incarceration.

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