Preparing Recycling

Aluminum and Tin Cans

Preparing aluminum and tin cans:

  • Cans and Metal Lids, only
  • Rinse and then crush to conserve space
  • Paint cans not accepted
  • Include aerosol cans if the contents have been expelled
  • Do not include:
    • Chairs
    • Foil
    • Siding 
    • Hub caps


Preparing cardboard:

  • Corrugated only
    • To understand if an item is corrugated or not, look at the cardboard from its edge. Two sides will be flat and the middle layer will have ridges.
  • Boxes must be clean and free of food waste or oil

Newspapers & Magazines

Preparing newspapers and Magazines:

  • Newspapers can be packaged into paper grocery sacks
  • Glossy inserts in Magazines are acceptable
  • Magazines of all types are welcome


Glass not accepted, at this time


Preparing plastics:

Plastic bags not accepted.

Plastic bottles coded number 1, 2, and 5 are recyclable in Venango County.